Ban Ki-Moon, famous athletes, Juanes and campaigners worldwide join forces for a world free of landmines

What do Ban Ki-Moon, famous athletes, Colombian singer Juanes, and IKV Pax Christi have in common?

They have all joined forces in a global campaign to reach a mine-free world.

“Lend Your Leg”  for a world free of landmines

Today – on the day the historical Mine Ban Treaty (MBT) entered into force thirteen years ago – marks the launch of the global “Lend Your Leg” campaign. We  call upon world leaders to end the humanitarian harm caused by landmines for once and for all. Because antipersonnel mines still cause over 4000 casualties every year. Large areas of land are often still contaminated with landmines, so that they still pose a threat to the lives of civilians long after a conflict has ended. Lives of civilians are also threatened by states that have not joined the MBT and that still use antipersonnel mines. In 2011, antipersonnel mines were used by Libya, Israel and Myanmar (Burma).

In the video above you can see how amongst others Ban Ki-Moon has already rolled up his pant leg to symbolically lend his leg to victims who have lost their own leg or other limbs due to antipersonnel mines.

In the coming month people will be taking action in dozens of countries all around the globe to raise awareness for the problems of landmines. The campaign will lead up to 4 April, UN Day for Mine Awareness. That day, ten thousands of  people from dozens of countries all over the world will take action and roll up their pant leg to symbolically lend their legs to victims. This will send a clear message to the world: no more landmines!

IKV Pax Christi has been working for a mine-free world for years and is a board member of the Nobel Peace-Prizewinning International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL). The international Mine Ban Treaty (MBT) entered into force thirteen years ago today on 1 March 1999. Thirteen years later, 159 states have joined the convention that prohibits the use, production, transfer and stockpiling of antipersonnel mines. Every year, research efforts by IKV Pax contribute to a global research about the problems caused by landmines and that maps  how countries implements their obligations under the MBT. And recently, we were in Cambodia to urge countries to implement the convention as strictly as possible and encourage countries that haven’t yet joined to do so without delay so as to  strengthen the international norm against antipersonnel mines and prevent victims in the future.

Check out the movie to see how Ban Ki-Moon, football goalkeeper Iker Casillas, and Juanes support a mine-free world by rolling up their pant leg.

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