Updated version of the ‘The Leaders Handbook of International Relations’

The crisis in Syria is deteriorating fast. There seem to be a lack of determination from world leaders to react to this crisis and to take a stand against violence against civilians. A reason for this could be that many political leaders are still using the old and outdated version of ‘The Leaders Handbook of International Relations’ (see below). 

By Daan Kayser

This version is based on the geopolitical interests of nations and less on the moral basis of the importance of protecting civilians from the effects of armed conflicts. The good news is more and more world leaders are using the updated version ‘The New Leaders Handbook of International Relations’. The new and updated version places civilians at the centre of thinking and action concerning security issues. This is a important step forward. Not only because the protection of civilians is the ‘right thing to do’, but also because it has become clear that the protection of civilians is an essential part of international stability and rule of law, something that should appeal to all world leaders. Excerpt from the old ‘Leaders Handbook of International Relations’:

Excert from the ‘New Leaders Handbook of International Relations’:

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