The use of unmanned planes, robots and boats in conflicts is increasing. Especially the use of drones, remote controlled airplanes, has increased sharply. The name drones is based on the low drone sound that these devices make. Unarmed drones have been in use since the Vietnam war, but since 2001 the US is also using armed drones, especially in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but also in Yemen and Somalia. Israel also uses armed drones in the Palestinian Territories. Reason enough for PAX to thoroughly research what this development means for the security of the people where these robots fly, sail or drive. An issues is if the pilots, who control the drones from a far away base, can make judgments on life and death. Another risk is that it might become a lot easier for pilots to kill. Also an important question is if the use of drones and robots are the answers to the complexities of today’s wars.

Click here for our latest report on drones: ‘Armed and Dangerous, PAX’s position on the use of armed drones.’


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