Protection of Civilians

Protection of Civilians (PoC) is a people-centered view of security. But how can civilians protect themselves, what can NGO’s do to help them with this and do interventions by the international community fit in with local needs? The PAX PoC programme does research into the possibilities for the international community (for example NATO and the UN) to contribute to the protection of civilians. In this we look at civil as well military capabilities.

Related to this we also work on DDR (Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration). After a civil war it is often hard for ex-combatants to find their place in society. DDR programmes are aimed at disarming combatants and helping their reintegration into society. PAX is part of an international network aimed at developing specific DDR programmes for countries. This is done based on research conducted in DR Congo,Colombia and South Sudan.


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