Land mines

PAX is a member of the governance board of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), which has been committed to a world without landmines for twenty years. In 1997 the international Mine Ban Treaty was created and has been signed by 159 countries up to this date and the number keeps increasing. Except for Poland the whole of Europe has joined the treaty. PAX encourages member states to completely adhere to the treaty and stimulates countries who haven’t signed the treaty to do so without delay.

All countries, except for three, have now destroyed their supplies. Which means 44.5 milion landmines have been destroyed. States also have the duty to demine areas where mines have been placed. Research from the Landmine Monitor shows that in 2010 200 squared kilometers of land have been cleared of anti-personnel mines, by which 388,000 anti-personnel mines were destroyed.


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