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Five minutes please

She was in a hurry when we spoke to her. “Five minutes please!”, she said, because she needed to attend to her patients. In September, we were in Eastern Ukraine to look at the impact of explosive weapons on health … Lees verder

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NATO’s 2% Target

NATO states should aim to spend 2% of their GDP on defence, says NATO. But percentage of GDP is not a fair, nor a useful way of judging adequacy of defence spending. Wilbert van der Zeijden

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Standards for Casualty Recording

Today, launches the first ever Standards for Casualty Recording. PAX is a supporter of the work of Every Casualty, because we know from our own work how important it is during and after conflict to know who died and … Lees verder

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The Sceptre of Srebrenica

The failure to protect civilians in the Srebrenica safe area in 1995, culminated in the murder of more than 8,000 boys and men. The lessons learned from the horrific events at Srebrenica continue to affect the thinking about methods to … Lees verder

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The skies of Saada are raining fire

After a week of negotiations on the implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty the states present have decided on a Trust Fund, have created working groups on universalisation and implementation, and have decided that Finland will chair the Conference of … Lees verder

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Indrukwekkende TED talk over slachtoffers clustermunitie

Journaliste Laura Boushnak vertelde vandaag in haar TED talk het indrukwekkende verhaal van overlevenden van clustermunitie.

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